Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company’s Commitment

In order to create a balance between the Company’s economic interests and social awareness, the Company and all business units continue to implement various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. The Company has designed CSR programs as the Company’s social responsibility to the environment and community.

The Company is committed and actively organizes a number of activities to embody its corporate social responsibility.

The Company realizes that corporate social responsibility is an obligation, as stipulated in the 2007 Law Number 40 regarding Limited Liability Company.

The Company cares about the community and strives to provide social added values in the form of improving the quality of education, developing environment, and improving the quality of lives of the employees and the communities surrounding the Company’s operational areas.

The implementation of corporate social responsibility in accordance with the annual work plan is also a form of the Company’s responsibility to all stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders, communities, and the environment.

Principle of CSR

In carrying out CSR programs, the Company is always based on the four principle of the CSR programs, namely:

  1. Environment The Company seeks to preserve the environment.
  2. Labor, Occupational Health, and Safety The Company creates a work environment that is safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly, as well as conducts training for employees so that they can make the most contribution.
  3. Social and Community Development The Company is committed to social and community development.
  4. Responsibility to Consumers The Company is committed to producing high quality products and customer service.



We are fully aware of environmental preservation is impor tant for future generations. Therefore, the Company’s policy fully support the efforts to protect and maintain ecosystem stability and sustainability of natural resources. Environmental and energy policies have been integrated into occupational health and safety policy and environmental management (K3PL) already owned company, which was later renamed the policy and safety management system based on the commitments contained in the policy, the company focuses on energy management and environment management systems in 2014. The various programs related to energy management star ted to be implemented as well as the implementation of environmental management systems, although the company did not have plans ISO 14001 cer tification, but the management of the environment already referred to the environmental management system.

In its implementation, the company set a target of zero in death, disease, and environmental pollution caused by the management, the company’s business. To achieve the target set as follows:

  1. Implementing health management systems, occupational health, environmental management and energy (SMK3PL-E) and comply with legal requirements and other applicable requirements.
  2. Conduct proactive and preventive actions in order to achieve a safe working environment, hygiene, environmental pollution does not occur, and efficient utilization of energy.
  3. Make efforts to achieve energy efficiency and optimization of energy utilization.
  4. Implement guidance to each worker through education and training activities on an ongoing basis as well as cultivate K3PL Award, rewards and sanctions.
  5. Conduct an investigation into each incident, work accidents and occupational diseases and environmental pollution and ensure follow up the findings as aprecaution.
  6. K3PL evaluate the system work regularly for the continuous improvement of environmentally friendly energy use on climate change, the company establish policies that are environmentally friendly and encourage business and community partners in the implementation of environmental programs.



The employees are a very important asset of the company. For that, we will always care about their welfare, for they are an integral part of all our work environment.

In the case concerning the welfare and safety of employees, it has been our policy, so that they can work optimally, through a system of career development in accordance with the per formance and development of the capabilities of each employee.

The Company has always been committed to upholding the practice of Labor, Health, and Safety (K3) in order to create a safe work environment, motivating and friendly for all employees. One such effor t is to involve all employees in the social security program (BPJS Employment and health) organized by the government.

Social Community Responsibility

The Company is very aware that business its sustainability is inseparable from the role and contribution of the surrounding community. Therefore, the Company assumes the responsibility to perform social and community development in order to improve economic capability and give guidance in other areas.

The Company is committed to social and community development through the empowerment of the local workforce in accordance with the qualifications and the Company’s policies, through the quality improvement of public education of the local community, and through other donations.

Activities Carried Out

As form of the social and community development responsibility company toward education, PT Mitra Energi Persada Tbk provide scholarships to Junior High School students who come from low income family in South Sumatera